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Sound & music for media

Vuoitasrita - A musical tribute to Laponia

Music composed for a

presentation of Laponia  (photo: Åsa Kullin)

Royal Carribean SoundSeeker 2018.

Music production for Plan8 och UNIT9 in collaboration with Berklee College of Music.

YouTube Live at E3: Trailer Battle 2017.

Music production and sound design for Plan8.

IKEA Place 2017.

UI-sound design for Plan8.


We work mainly in Wix. One of the big platforms for creating websites,With our skills in layout, design and photography we can help you create Your platform. 


Music and sounds for media


We'll help you find the right pictures for your project. 

Masking, restoring pictures. We'll help you.


Present your business, project, music or creative art with a simple webpage. We help you form a strategy  to connect to social media and integrate it in Your website. We create a digital businesscard. Make it simple.

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